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Book an appointment to come see me at Silk!

All my treatments include a thorough consultation whereby we discuss your needs and plan out your massage together.  To get better idea of what to expect during an appointment with me, please see  “about my work.”


For longer term issues such as chronic pain or on going recovery from a historical injury or issue, it is recommended that you book a block of 3x or 6x appointments.  For example, if you are dealing with longer term tension in your shoulders, or long term binding related pain, whilst a singular appointment will reduce the pain and tension, to address an issue fully takes more time.  Your body is not a quick fix.  In these instances I would recommend a block of appointments so that we can work together to ascertain root causes, contributing factors, create bespoke aftercare advice for you to follow between and after sessions, and empower you to understand your body better so that you can show it the care it needs.


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