Massage is more than pain reduction.  It is about healing our bodies; mentally and physically. When we reconnect with our bodies, we can not only experience improvements in mental health, but we develop a better relationship with ourselves which allows us to understand our bodies better and live happier lives. 

Ask yourself: how am I really feeling?


Massage can help you reconnect with your body.  Often, when we experience high levels of discrimination and stigma aimed at our bodies, we can become disassociated and disconnected from our body.  The body becomes a trigger in itself and we struggle to take care of it and show it the respect and love it deserves.  Through massage I can help you reconnect with your body and understand its needs better.  


Massage can help reduce down feelings of stress and tension within your body.  Often we think of massage as something we access for physical issues, but its benefit to emotional issues is just as important.  Stress, anxiety and trauma can all have a physical impact on your body and contribute to tensions.  Common areas this can be felt are in the upper shoulders, neck and into the jaw.  These tensions create a cycle whereby their physical pains contribute to the emotional stress you may be feeling.  Through massage, I can work to break this cycle and reset the bodies nervous system, taking you deep into your parasympathetic nervous system.  This is where the healing happens and you’ll feel light, “floaty” and warm.


Massage can help reduce pain levels.  It is important to recognise that whilst pain can be a source of great stress, when your pain receptors are activated, your body is sending you a message that it needs help.  Through a combination of techniques I can work with your body to understand the root cause of the pain such as an existing pathology i.e hypermobility, or a possibly as yet unspotted issue i.e pain from binding, and focus on treating the issue to bring down your pain levels.

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