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Public Health research recognises the significant impact of the health inequalities being faced by the Transgender community.  A study into the poor health trajectories of Transgender people found that the most single largest contributing factor was a lack of clinical awareness amongst health professionals of Trans health issues.  We, as healthcare professionals, can and must do better.

Through my specialism and work, I have been humbled by the opportunities to educate and champion awareness of the need for Transgender inclusive healthcare.   Building from my clinical my work with my clients, I  give seminars, contribute to academic publications and create resources for the community and healthcare professionals alike. 

The artworks on the website were created by Transgender artist Leo Mateus.  They were created to represent not only Transgender and Non binary bodies but to represent all genders, races and body types.  You can find out more about Leos work here.

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Train with me

I co co-wrote and now co-lecture on the Worlds First LGBTQ+ Healthcare course for manual therapists.  Writing the course was both cathartic and empowering and covers key clinical expertise for manual therapists working with members of the LGBTQ community including:

  • Why inclusivity in manual therapy matters.

  • Specific health challenges faced by the LGBTQ community.

  • Using the correct terminology and treating LGBTQ+ with respect.

  • Interactions between LGBTQ+ identity and mental health.

  • The prevalence of trauma within the LGBTQ+ community and its impact on health.

  • Creating actively inclusive spaces including intake forms.

  • Biopsychosocial considerations.

  • Gender affirming surgeries.

  • Hormone treatments

  • Understanding Gender Dysphoria and its impact on physical and mental health.

  • Understanding and working with Gender Dysphoria based issues such as packing, binding and tucking.

  • Indications for treatment.

  • The importance of taking inclusive case histories.

  • Screening for patient safety around domestic and social violence.

  • Further physical considerations such as scar assessment, skin changes, distal nerve neuropathies.

  • Use of terminology and choice of language during manual therapy.

  • Guidance on preparing clients for physical examination trough communication and consent.

  • Legal considerations.

  • Working to become an ally.

You can purchase my course here.


Invite me to speak

Over the last few years, I have spoken on a number of platforms, across a variety of health disciplines.  Seminars can be on a wide range of topics, ranging from speaking to community members about taking care of their bodies, to clinical seminars to Paediatric Nursing students about how to work through a trauma informed lens with Transgender youth. You can begin a conversation about booking me to speak at your event or space by clicking here.

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