Frequently asked questions

What are your qualifications?

I have a level 3 Diploma in Body Massage, including physiology and anatomy, and am currently studying for my Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Qualification.

Are you insured?

Yes. I am a registered, insured and accredited member of The Federation of Holistics Therapists.

Where are you based?

I run my practice from Brighton and Hove Therapies in Brighton city centre. You can find full details of my premises here: "where am I based?"

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes. I can do £50 for 60 minutes or £75 for 90 minutes. The vouchers are valid for 12 months and you can either purchase for yourself as a way of pre-paying for a massage at a future date, or you can purchase for someone else as a gift. You or they are free to then choose a date and time which works best for you.

What are your pronouns?

I’m she/her.

Do you do couples massage?

Due to Covid regulations I have to allow time in between clients for hygiene measures. This means that whilst I could see you and a partner one after the other, I do need to allow for 30 minutes between each session

What should I wear?

Comfort is key. Wear clothes which make you feel comfortable and safe. During the massage, you will have the choice about what clothing you do and don’t choose to take off. Whilst most people will strip down to their pants, I understand this may not feel comfortable for everyone and that you may wish to keep some items on. Although I will make every effort not to get wax or oil on your clothing, please wear clothing which is comfortable and which you are able to easily wash should oil or wax get on your clothes. People also often ask me about what underwear to wear. I see literally so many different types of underwear and have no judgement whatsoever.

Should I shower before hand?

This is recommended. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during the massage. Sometimes if people haven't showered, they can become worried about body odour or not feeling clean and this can impact their ability to enjoy the massage. Having a shower on the morning of your massage can help alleviate those concerns and allow you to relax fully into the massage and enjoy the oils on your skin without having to rush home to have a shower.

I’m worried that deep pressure will hurt - do I have to have this?

We discuss what pressures you are and aren’t comfortable with in massage and I can help advise on what would work best for your body. If you decide you do want to try going deeper, I check in with you during this to ensure my depth levels are comfortable for you. Nobody has to experience deep pressures if they don’t want to.

I’m worried about my body hair / acne / weight.  Are you ok with this?

Yes, yes and yes. A key part of my massage is that you can feel safe enough and comfortable enough to bring their body to me without fear of judgement. I can vary my massage strokes for different levels and types of body hair. I use all natural waxes and oils so as not to upset any acne. And my massage bed and towels are roomy enough for all body types.

Are there any side effects to massage?

Massage is largely side effect free, however there are a couple areas to keep in mind: Some people can feel dehydrated post massage. Drinking water post massage can help offset this. Some people can experience blocked sinuses post massage. I try to offset this by using Olbas oil in my massage room. Depending on the depth of work we do, you may feel slight tenderness the following day. This should pass.

I’ve never had a massage before and I’m nervous…

That’s ok! A lot of my clients have never had a massage before coming to me and some level of nerves and anxiety is natural. As well as the pre-massage consultation, we take 5 minutes before the massage begins to just check in together. I’d like to think I am a pretty chill and relaxed person and I hope this vibe helps you feel safe and at ease.

How can I get the most out of my massage?

Plan your journey so as to allow for plenty time to arrive. If you’re going to be late, please let me know. Be prepared for massage to be a release, both physically and emotionally. A lot of people come to massage expecting the reduction in pain and tensions but don’t always realise how emotional this process can be. People carry tension for all sorts of reasons and feeling it leave your body can feel liberating, empowering and emotional. It is ok to feel this way. Don’t attend under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As well as it being a strict rule that I cannot practice massage on anyone under the influence, alcohol and drugs can have an impact on your pain receptors so this could not only affect your experience of the massage but lead to further pain following the massage. Listen to how your body feels post-massage. This is how it is meant to feel! Know that you can achieve that feeling and find rest here. Allow yourself time post-massage to unwind. A lot of my clients tell me they go home and relax with a pizza and TV. This is perfect! Don’t do anything strenuous post massage. Take a hot bath in the following days. This helps to prolong the effects and keeps the muscles softer for longer.