From the first day I began my training to become a massage therapist, I have leaned towards creating a practice which is safe for, and specialises in, working with LGBTQ people. 


During my training, I completed my case studies on Transgender and Non-Binary people and saw first hand the reality of Gender Dysphoria on their physical and mental health, the fear of judgement and stigma, and how this lead to them feeling they couldn’t access massage to reduce down their physical and emotional pains and tensions.  I saw a need for LGBTQ specialist massage and now as a qualified massage therapist, every day in my clinic I meet the clients who need this too.


After qualifying from The Brighton School of Classical Massage, I set up my own practice and began specialising in LGBTQ inclusive massage.  I now have a clinic in the city whereby my clientele is nearly exclusively LGBTQ; the majority either Transgender or Non-Binary, and who come to me for help reducing pain levels, reconnecting with their bodies and finding relaxation and calmness.  



In my clinic, I specialise in recognising and understanding body based issues which are both common and specific to our community.  This can take many forms but includes:

  • Providing a safe space, respectful of Gender Dysphoria where clients can access massage to alleviate pain and tension.

  • Recognising the high levels of trauma within our community and adapting my massage practice to ensure clients feel safe during the massage.

  • Reducing physical pain associated with binding in transmasculine and non-binary clients.

  • Supporting clients to reduce tension and pain whilst receiving hormone treatments.

  • Supporting clients to help heal scar tissue and recover following Gender Affirming surgeries.

  • Studying and researching LGBTQ prevalent and specific pathologies and how massage can be used to reduce down their symptoms.


As my practice has grown, I have been honoured by recognition for my work and it’s impact on LGBTQ peoples access to massage.  I have been featured in media publications, lead seminars, contributed to academic textbooks, been nominated for awards and receive messages from massage students all over the world who now follow my work.  I am currently studying for my Advanced Clinical MT qualification.


At the root over everything is the belief that kind, compassionate and safe touch can help heal the physical and emotional pains of our community.   I am immensely proud of my clients and their stories.  Stay a while on my website and read their stories and learn about the impact of inclusive massage. 

I am inspired by you daily.


Ana x

"Seeing Ana at The Real Massage yesterday really helped with the way I move and work with my body.  She helped me identify the parts of my body that cause me the most pain and focussed in on them, which really helped my mobility.  As well as physically, Ana’s calming nature really relaxed me, especially because I was initially nervous.  If you’re queer, body conscious or in need of a treat, I would highly recommend.”